Merry Measures: A Holiday Cabaret

December 3 & 4, 7 pm
Davenport's, 1383 N Milwaukee Ave., Chicago or 773-278-1830

$25. All proceeds go to Hearts to Art, the summer camp for children who have suffered the loss of one or both parents.

December 3rd
Arlene Armstrong, Lindsey Bullen, Caryn Caffarelli, Wydetta Carter (Director), Pat Christenson, John Eskola, Laura Freeman, Jenifer French, Carla Gordon, Don Hoffman, Anita Kallen (Asst. Director), Staci Kelley, Gaye Klopack, Howard Pfeifer (Musical Director), Jan Slavin, Barb Smith, Julie Soroko, Cheryl Szucsits, Catherine Thomson, Carolyn Wehner, Karen Willough, Kevin Wood

December 4th
David Aaron, Ken Baker, Jay Cook, Joan Curto, Terrence Davis, Jeff Dean, Larry Dooley, Hilary Feldman, Cindy Firing (Asst. Director), Lou Gale, Patricia Geraghty, Cathy Glickman, Russ Goeltenbodt, Amy Lechelt, KT McCammond, Tom Michael, Marianne Murphy Orland, Anna Palermo, Jan Paszczykowski, Suzy Petri, Patricia Salinski (Director), Myron Silberstein (Musical Director), Denise Tomasello


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“Cabaret” —since Paris in the 1880s, a distinct approach to performance has matured and gained worldwide popularity. Whether with satire, comedy or romance, Cabaret is known for its elegance, passion, and humor.

The hallmark of Cabaret is its intimacy. At its best, it evokes the universality of life's experiences.

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