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Chicago Cabaret Professionals Annual Gala Awards
beginning in 2006

Buddy Charles, Lifetime 2006
Audrey Morris, Lifetime 2006
John Wallowitch, Lifetime 2006
Julie Wilson, Lifetime 2006

Joe Vito, Lifetime 2007
Dave Green, Lifetime 2007
Judy Roberts, Gold Coast 2007

Amanda McBroom, Lifetime 2008
Frank D’Rone, Lifetime 2008
Nan Mason, Gold Coast 2008

Karen Mason, National Honoree 2009
Bob Moreen, Lifetime 2009
Suzanne Petri, Gold Coast 2009

Brad Thacker, Special Recognition 2009

Andrea Marcovicci, Lifetime 2010
Denise Tomasello, Gold Coast 2010

Beckie Menzie, Gold Coast 2010
Bob Grimes, Special Recognition 2010

Ann Hampton Callaway, Lifetime 2011
Jimmy Damon, Gold Coast 2011
Lois Weisberg, Special Recognition 2011

Marilyn Maye, Lifetime 2012
Spider Saloff, Gold Coast 2012

Mabel Mercer Foundation/Donald Smith, Special Recognition 2012

Daryl Nitz, Gold Coast Award 2013
Davenport's Piano Bar and Cabaret, Special Recognition Award 2013

Stephen Wallem Lifetime 2014
Denise McGowan Tracy Gold Coast Honoree 2014

Ron Hawking Gold Coast Award 2015
Acts Of Kindness Cabaret Special Recognition 2015

Joan Curto Gold Coast Award 2016

George Howe, Gold Coast Award 2017

SongShop Special Recognition Award 2017

KT Sullivan, National Honoree 2017