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Founded in 1998, Chicago Cabaret Professionals is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, dedicated with passion to the Art of Cabaret.

Bob Moreen and Heather Moran
-photo by Steve Starr

Who We Are
CCP is an alliance of advocates for the Art of Cabaret who have come together to promote public appreciation of Cabaret. CCP members include seasoned and aspiring performers, composers, lyricists, producers, directors, writers, presenters, venues and friends.

Our Mission
We promote the Art of Cabaret by educating performers, presenters, the media and the public at large; by encouraging the development of venues and new audiences; and by encouraging the establishment of professional standards for performance conditions.

Our Activities
We host meetings, performances, benefits, workshops, seminars and networking events. We collaborate with theatres, nightclubs, the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs, schools and others. We raise our operating funds through dues, donations, grants, and an annual gala performance.

We honor notable performers and other promoters of cabaret with special recognition awards at our annual gala. View the list here.

What is Cabaret

"Cabaret" began in the intimate setting of Paris bistros and taverns as a gathering place for artists, poets, singers, actors and musicians to share new songs and stories. Since the 1880s, this distinct approach to performance has matured and gained worldwide popularity.

Whether delivered with satirical edge, comic flair or romantic charm, Cabaret is known now for its elegance, passion, and humor. If the hallmark of Cabaret is its intimacy, at its best, Cabaret evokes the universality of life's experiences.

Join a group dedicated to the Art of Cabaret . . .

"For Chicago's growing community of cabaret performers. ...Chicago Cabaret Professionals, an aptly named advocacy group, [attests] to the depth of the city's cabaret talent." —Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune