CCP Officers and Committee Emails

You want to reach the right person with your concern or your offer to help CCP. Who do you email? If you're not sure, use their alias!

Calendar: You love the interactive calendar but how do you paste an image or correct the date of your entry? Ask Jeff Dean and Suzy Petri at

Development is all about relationships, bringing us closer to like-minded institutions, funders and audience. Connect with Paul Motondo and Lynda Gordon at

Editor: Have a scoop for our Quarter gets you to our favorite newsletter editor, Hilary Feldman. 

Education: Want to join the next workshop or suggest a place to educate folks about cabaret, let Marianne Murphy Orland and Cathy Glickman in on your ideas at   

Info: For questions that don’t fit elsewhere, try It goes to our president, Laura Freeman.

benefits, recruitment, integration, communication: goes to our two Board directors Elizabeth Doyle and Jeff Dean. 

Mentor: whether you are mentor or mentee, Laura Freeman will help pair you up. Step up to the welcome mat at  

The Office is where Suzy Petri keeps her hands on the day to day tasks. Write to 

Operations: behind the scene, working on making our operations more efficient and our website and other tools more effective. Wanna help? Write to Bernard Rice at

PR: Purring with public relations and publicity are Kimberly Lawson and Pat Salinski at

President: Go straight to the top, Laura Freeman at

The Spring series, Strut your Stuff, the Gala, the Holiday cabaret are in the hands of the production committee at

Your dues are overdue, the check got lost in the mail, or you have a brilliant idea on how to save CCP some money! Contact Treasurer Jay Cook at

Venues: You have suggestions for a potential cabaret room, want to update information about another venue, want to recruit a new presenter? Anne Burnell and Anna Besserud want to know about it! Write to