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Board of Directors

Anne Burnell


Patricia Salinski

Vice President

Cindy Firing

Catherine Thomson

Daniel Johnson
Jessica Jagielnik
Directors of Development

Cathy Glickman

Director of Education

Kevin Wood
Directors of Membership

Carla Gordon
Director of Public Relations and Publicity

Karen Willough
Director of Social Media

Robert Bailey

Garrett Johannsen
Directors of Venues

Bernard Rice
Joan Curto
Laura Freeman
Daryl Nitz
Suzanne Petri
Presidents Emeritus
Claudia Hommel, founder

Advisory Board
Bob Moreen, Chair
Jonathan Abarbanel
Ann Hampton Callaway
Ron Cohn
Gitta Jacobs
Jim Jensen
Tommy Hensel
Michael Kerker
Paul Levy
Lina Koutrakos

Andrea Marcovicci
Karen Mason
Amanda McBroom
Dan Michel
Kevin Moore
Allen Nichols
Stanley Paul
Ken Price
Rex Reed
Jeff Rossen

Denise Tomasello
Denise McGowan Tracy
Carol Weston

Circle of Song Members
Steven & Eileen Baime; Patricia & Benjamin Beiler; Kate Breski; James Clark & Tom Michael; Ron & Joni CohenLewis Collens; Jerome & Patricia Crotty; David Fink; Marcia & Tom Fritz; Sharon Goldman; Alan Greiman; Anthony and Susan Grosch; Stacey Grossman; Janet & Arnold Hoffman; Jessica Jagielnik; Jim Jensen; Patricia Jessie; Gary Kahn; Rosemary & John Garton Krimbel; Bob & Judy Kowal Kucera; Barbara LaSpesa & Seymour Zitomersky; Paul Levy; John and Mary Mahon; Paul & Patty McCarthy; Michael and Nancy McEntee; Andi Miller; Edward & Barbara Mills; Floyd Mittleman; Margie Nieder; Karen Nixon; Jim & Sandie Allen Perlow; Allan & Carla Price; Charles & Lauren Troy; Jan Tynan; Clyde & Mark Hinchman Whitaker; Bobbi Zabel

CCPs Circle of Song is an opportunity to be an integral part of our mission and growth. Friends who donate $300 or more will become distinguished members of our Circle of Song. Each year, CCP hosts two private cabaret events to thank Circle of Song members. The events are open to our generous donors and their guests who enjoy hors d'oeuvres and entertainment featuring some of your favorite Chicago Cabaret Professionals members and performers.

Donors and Friends
David Aaron, Nancy Balcer, Robert Bailey, Carmen Bodino, John Bowen, Lauren Brooks, Jillian Bruss, Anne Burnell, Sandee & Michael Cohen, Barbara Lee Cohen, Renee Patricia Contreras, Jay Cook, Shelley MacArthur Farley, Hilary Feldman, Cindy Firing, Gladys Firing, Jenifer French, Lou Galecki, Ingrid Gillis, Martha Glickman, Martin Glickman, Beth Halevy, Danielle Hamada, Sally Kalmbach, Trish Keporos, Donna Kirchman, Iga Ksiazek, Lily Liu, Krys Lordahl, KT McCammond, Alexandra Mico, Duncan Moore, Eve Moran, George M. Morrissey, Cynthia Mortell, Matt Nash and Nate Mendes, Carol Obertubbesing, Eliot Osherman, Jan Paszczykowski, Roberta & Jeff Price, Manuel Sanchez, Allen Shechtman & Stephen Wright, Shirley Shechtman, Norman Sloan, Paul & Deborah Silverman Krolik, Deb Steward, Linda Surlak, Sonia Vega, Carol Weston, Linda Wollschlager.


Sponsor and affiliate

CelloVia is local, family owned and operated. They have been producing premium spirits for more than nine years for over 500 restaurants and bars in the ChicagoLand area. They specialize in private labeled spirits of the highest quality made from Midwest grains.

In Memoriam
Buddy Charles
Jimmy Damon
Frank D’Rone
Dave Green
Bob Grimes
Audrey Morris
Erv Raible
Joyce Sloane
Donald Smith
Joe Vito
John Wallowitch
Lois Weisberg

Margaret Whiting
Julie Wilson