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It's a Cabaret Life!
DECEMBER 13, 2020 at 7PM (CT)

 A concert from Chicago's living rooms, theatres, sound studios, nightclubs, rehearsal halls, neighborhoods--our homes to yours.

Watch recorded show hereYouTube

Download 2020 Virtual Gala Program


With performances by:

Gold Coast Honoree (in memoriam):
Tecora Rogers

Arlene Armstrong

Jamie Brady

Anne Burnell

Mark Burnell

Caryn Caffarelli

Wydetta Carter

Maureen Christine

Cynthia Clarey

Jeff Dean

Elizabeth Doyle

David Edelfelt

John Eskola

Hilary Ann Feldman

Cindy Firing

Laura Freeman

Cathy Glickman

Carla Gordon

Sophie Grimm

Scott Gryder

Ester Hana

Claudia Hommel

Anita Kallen

Gaye Klopak

Amy Lechelt

Beckie Menzie

Tom Michael

LaShera Moore Ellis

Bob Moreen

Marianne Murphy Orland

Daryl Nitz

Anne Palermo

Pam Peterson

Suzanne Petri

Greta Pope

Patricia Salinski

Josephine Sanges

Cheryl Szucsits
Jan Slavin

Bob Solone

Nick Sula

Catherine Thomson

Jeannie Tanner
Joanie Winter

Ellen Winters Reynolds

Pat Rusk

Kevin Wood

With Special appearances by Joan Curto, Bob Howell, Daniel Johnson, Charles Kouri, Dan Michel, Spider Saloff, David Stephens, Charles Troy, Karen Willough

In Memoriam: Jim Cebastien, Barbara Lee Cohen, Don Conover, Tecora Rogers, Seymour Zitomersky

Special thanks to our sponsors: CelloVia handcrafted spirits, Tricia Marschman, Chicago Jazz Magazine, Tracy Adams, Daryl Nitz, and our Circle of Song donors.

CCP is a 501(c)3 organization.